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Cash Flow and Budgeting Services in Central Michigan and the Thumb

Our cash flow and budgeting services in Central Michigan and the Thumb region gives clients the tools they need to keep track of their spending automatically.  Our technology links directly to banks, credit unions and credit cards to consolidate household spending in one place. Clients can then use this data to help them set a budget based on their average spending.

Budget Picture.PNG

At Recker Financial, we’ll sit down with you to help you figure out a reasonable budget and where you should save any excess cash flow.

Budget Sliders.PNG

Savings Impact

Using advanced planning software from RightCapital, we can quickly and accurately project out how much of an impact extra savings will have on your financial goals.  This gives you the clarity that you need to set and achieve realistic goals.


Here is an example of the impact incremental changes can have on your financial situation if you’re trying to reach your retirement goals.  In the first scenario you’re saving $200 per month, and in the second scenario you are saving an additional $400 per month.

Saving $200/Month

200 Month Savings.PNG

Increasing Savings by $400/month

600 Month Savings.PNG

As you can see, saving $600 per month as opposed to $200 per month raises the probability that you will reach your retirement goals from 76% to 94%.  That’s a pretty significant jump.


Many financial planners in the Central Michigan and Thumb areas will actually ignore cash flow and budgeting when developing their plans.  However, that’s a big mistake as it is a vital component that you need to consider if you’re serious about reaching your financial goals. That’s why we offer this service at Recker Financial.

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